Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall!

Hi everyone! Happy first day of fall!

I do love summer, but fall has it's special moments too. Like the crisp fall air, candles, colorful leaves, and me curling up in a blanket with a good blanket!

So let me share some fall pins with you!

Courtesy: Babble via Melissa
If you click the link to Babble, the article has other ways to decorate with pumpkins.

Courtesy:  Sami Jo

Courtesy: Edible Crafts  via Julie M.

Apparently Fall bucket lists are the rage right now:
Courtesy:  via Brittnee

Courtesy: via Lily

Head on over to my blog for a fall freebie. I'm part of a fall blog hop!

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  1. How cute :) I have a large candle jar on our coffee table that I fill with seasonal items for my candle to stand on.

    Fall: coffee beans, unpopped corn
    Winter:pepper mints
    Spring: jelly beans

    I love the little details :)

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