Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Easy T-Shirt Scarf

Hello all!

Casey here from: 

So . . . I decided to attempt this super easy looking t-shirt scarf for my first Endless Pinabilities post.

Here is the original pin:

Looks simple? What could go wrong right? 

First I picked out a shirt that I had in my goodwill pile.

Next, I cut off the top of the shirt. 

Then, I cut vertical lines in the bottom hem of the shirt.

Lastly, I attempted to wear my creation. I was hoping it would dress up my plain ol' t-shirt.

I was NOT lovin' the blue scarf.  So I tried again with a purple shirt, with better results

. . . . but I'm still not completely sold. I am thinking about cutting each of my fringes in half?

This craft literally took me like 10 minutes. The hardest part was getting the scarves to "lay right" so that I could take a pictures. Yes for both pics, these were the best shots. :/

Perhaps you will have better luck than I?

Happy cutting! :)

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