Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eerie decor with Mrs. D

Happy first annual Halloween Pin Party!

I've definitely been neglecting this and my own two personal blogs lately (Reading with Mrs. D and And Something Pink.) Sure, I've posted a few things, but I definitely have to try harder after baby goes to bed each night to write a few entries and schedule them for posting.

This year will be my daughters very FIRST Halloween. My husband and I had a hard time deciding what she would go as. We had FINALLY settled on Superbaby when my husband got a call from his boss to go back to Labrador for a month, meaning he'll miss the Holiday (not to mention the weekend he left contained both my birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving).

So that my Batman loving husband wouldn't miss out on dressing as a Superhero with his daughter, I had to think of something else.

My mom and I went shopping, and Zellers had all their costumes on Sale. So now, baby is going to be little Miss Red Riding Hood! This is particularly funny to me because a few years ago my hubby (then fiance) and I went as Little Red and the lumberjack, lol.

Now onto my pins...

I'm going to share some of my favourite decoration ideas with you today. Please Enjoy!

1. Toilet paper tubes with glow sticks in them: Stick in dark corners and in bushes to give your yard some spooky eyes looking at trick-or-treaters.

2. White wedding bells with construction paper faces and white tulle circles thrown over top to look like little ghosts.
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

3. White balloons with glowsticks inside to look eerie. Perfect for classroom decor!

4. Tomato cage upside down with white twinkle lights inside/wrapped around, covered with white sheet or tulle.
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

5. Small pumpkins/squash painted black with wings added to look like bats.

6. Empty jars painted to look like ghosts/ghouls. 

7. I'm probably doing this one, just 4L milk cartons with the labels off, faces painted on and twinkle lights/glowsticks/ battery candles inside. Perfect to put in my apartment window while I take my baby to visit the relatives.

8. Cinderella! Awesome!

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