Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kind Pins

I'm sure you're thinking, "There are mean pins?" and "Do the mean pins say things like 'I've got repinned more than you!'"? Oh my gosh how funny would that be?  I'm actually talking about pins about kindness, to go with my Random Acts of Kindness giveaway post on my blog. There are so many things you can do to brighten someone's day. Spread a little cheer!

Taping money on  a pop machine

Courtesy: Tickles To Giggles on Pinterest

 Have your kids do a RAK (even in class!)
Courtesy: Kindertastic

Taping money on a vending machine.
Courtesy: Nena on Pinterest

Some lovely quotes:

Courtesy: White Iron Stone Cottage via Marilyn on Pinterest.

I love how bright this one is! 
Courtesy: Tumblr via Courtney on Pinterest

Courtesy: TheGoodeLife via Tamra on Pinterest

Courtesy: Sparkle N Sprinkle via Tamra on Pinterest

Whether you do RAK in your class or at home, there are many ideas that you can do!


Thanks for your 'pinteresting' comments :)