Monday, July 9, 2012

Come check these out!

I've pinned so many wonderful ideas for my classroom and have been so excited to recreate them for myself, this week I was inspired by these pins......
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Come on over to my blog to see my version of these :) I think they turned out pretty great, I'm so excited to share them with all of you - click on the picture below to come on over!!!


  1. I have a gum ball machine like this from my childhood, but I don't know whether to dig it out or not. Have you heard anyone say if it will work? I remember trying to put different things in it when I was young and they wouldn't come back out. I guess maybe I'll have to give it a try....

    First with Franklin

  2. The person who posted the idea says it works well! I was worried about that too but since I went with a home made version I don't know for myself if it really works or not. I think it's worth the try though!!


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