Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Easy T-Shirt Scarf

Hello all!

Casey here from: 

So . . . I decided to attempt this super easy looking t-shirt scarf for my first Endless Pinabilities post.

Here is the original pin:

Looks simple? What could go wrong right? 

First I picked out a shirt that I had in my goodwill pile.

Next, I cut off the top of the shirt. 

Then, I cut vertical lines in the bottom hem of the shirt.

Lastly, I attempted to wear my creation. I was hoping it would dress up my plain ol' t-shirt.

I was NOT lovin' the blue scarf.  So I tried again with a purple shirt, with better results

. . . . but I'm still not completely sold. I am thinking about cutting each of my fringes in half?

This craft literally took me like 10 minutes. The hardest part was getting the scarves to "lay right" so that I could take a pictures. Yes for both pics, these were the best shots. :/

Perhaps you will have better luck than I?

Happy cutting! :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is in the Air!

Yes, it's officially fall and I wanted to share some of my favorite fall pins with you!!

From My Blessed Life! Can't wait to print this and add it to my mantle.She has 12 different fall printables to choose from!

A new wreath I'd love to make for my door either here at home or at school! From Little Lovelies!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest
Such a lovely way to display flowers, can't wait to put one of these on my porch this year! From Circa Dee!

Cute Jack-O-Lantern Candy holders! From Martha Stewart!

Adorable fall snack for parties or just for home! From Jelly Shot Test Kitchen (I promise it's non-alcoholic)!

I'm ready for the change of seasons! Are you ready yet??

Happy Fall!

Hi everyone! Happy first day of fall!

I do love summer, but fall has it's special moments too. Like the crisp fall air, candles, colorful leaves, and me curling up in a blanket with a good blanket!

So let me share some fall pins with you!

Courtesy: Babble via Melissa
If you click the link to Babble, the article has other ways to decorate with pumpkins.

Courtesy:  Sami Jo

Courtesy: Edible Crafts  via Julie M.

Apparently Fall bucket lists are the rage right now:
Courtesy:  via Brittnee

Courtesy: via Lily

Head on over to my blog for a fall freebie. I'm part of a fall blog hop!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wreath Heaven

Hey yall! Natalie here :)
I am so excited that my favorite time of the year is just around the corner!
I {heart} fall and everything is brings with it....cooler weather, football, pumpkin EVERYTHING, Halloween {my most favorite holiday}, apple cider, family time, and on and on!
I got the fall bug the other day and was ready to start decorating. The first thing that came to mind? A new fall wreath!
So naturally....I turned to Pinterest!
Looky at what I found, yall!

Pinned Image
Postively Splendid via Pinterest

Pinned Image
DB Crafty Treasures on Etsy via Pinterest

Pinned Image
The Simple Standard on Etsy via Pinterest
Pinned Image
Jane of All Crafts via Pinterest
Pinned Image
Frugal Flourish via Pinterest

Pinned Image
Huckle Berry Gumbo via Pinterest

Pinned Image
Addicted 2 Decorating via Pinterest
See that little cutie right there with the big G and the pumpkins? That was my inspiration for the wreath that I made.
Wanna see???
Isn't it a beaut???? I super love it! And it was sooo cheap and easy to do!
I've got this puppy hanging on my front door, but these would be super cute for classroom doors, too!
Hope yall have found some 'pin'spiration!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Writing Pins

Howdy! It's Lorraine from Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
 Today I decided to share with your some writing pins I found.

This is one of my favorite books to use when introducing Writer's Notebooks!

This lesson uses the above mentioned book,

Another great lesson for Writers Notebooks

Heart Maps for things that a special to you

This site has lots of ideas for Writers Workshop!

School has been in session for one week an starting this Monday I will start teaching our Writer's Workshop routines.  Hope you find these pins useful!

Have a Hoppy Day!