Saturday, June 30, 2012

Food for the Fourth and a freebie!

Hey yall! Natalie here :)

Do you guys have BIG plans for the 4th of July? I sure hope so!

My whole family will be in Gatlinburg, TN for their annual parade, and then we will probably watch fireworks from the hot tub at our cabin :) Last time we were there over the 4th, our cabin was so high up that we were actually looking down at the fireworks!

Speaking of, if any of you are close to Gatlinburg and want to meet up, we are having a bloggy meet up on the 5th!

Soooo....since most of us our knee-deep in summer, and school is the furthest thing from our mind (ha!), I decided to dedicate my 4th of July pins to my most favorite! :)

These were the first thing that caught my eye..aren't they awesome?!?!

Pinned Image
Courtesy of Daisy Pink Cupcakes via Pinterest

They look pretty easy, too! We will definitely be making some of these for our fun 4th festivities!

Want a cute snack to make for the little ones before the big shebang? How about this?

Pinned Image
Courtesy of Lisa Storms via Pinterest

Talk about easy, peasy lemon-squeezy!

This one is from my absolute favorite recipe blog....Skinnytaste! If you've never head of it, you have got to check it out. Gina has some amazing stuff on there!

Courtesy of Skinnytase
Oooooh....and what about these cookies???

Pinned Image
Totally simple! And talk about yum!

Last, I wanted to share a little something with you guys. Stay with me now...

These are some strawberry shortcake jars I made for my parents at the end of the school year.

They had a cute little tag that said "We would have come up SHORT without you!"

Now, I thought this would also be perfect for the 4th! I mean, who doesn't love strawberry shortcake in the summertime???

So I whipped up some tags that you could use with these :)
Click on the picture to download!

One goes on top and one can be tied to the front :)

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed 4th!!!

Patriotic Party: Pinning the 4th with The 3AM Teacher!!!


Well Hello Pinterst Addicts.. It's me, The 3AM Teacher here....hehehe. I am finally strapping myself to the office chair to get in a post (this will be my first...I know...I have been super busy).

I have not pinned so much this week as I have re-organized the boards and pins I have. I wish they offered a check-box option to make deleting pins easier!!! Having to delete pins can be such a pain!!

Anywho, I am so excited for the 4th of July!! We are going to a community party at the Glendale stadium on the 3rd and then our HOA puts on a bash on the 4th...twice the fun...but having to resist the goodies!! Because I seem to be drawn to the yummy stuff I shan't eat, I will tempt all of you...Just Kidding...

 I created a 4th of July Pin board, but I couldn't think of a creative title...Click on the cool splat I just made to link to my 4th of July Pinterest post...hehehe
Cute Wreaths

I kept seeing the cutest wreaths and I need to decide on one to make...maybe you can help me choose one...

#1 Click the Pic to see the pin

This craft is not only cute, but the blogger is having a Michael's $25 giveaway!!!
Visit this blog to find the craft and to enter the giveaway...DOUBLE WHAMMY...KA-CHOW!!

#2 God Bless Indeed!! Click the pic to visit the Pin
4th July wreath

I love how full and busy this is without an over-kill!! This crafty craft came from a cute blog full of crafts I want to pretend I will do someday (-;

#3 Finally...this BIG RED BEAUT!! (click the pic to see the pin)
4th of July

4th of July
This cutie is from Tip Junky...a really cute blog full of stuff that I can look at when I am feeling like procrastinating (-;

Rocket Dogs...Oh Boy!!
And Last, I couldn't resist the temptation to post these rocket goodies!! (Click the pic to see the pin)
4th of July
How cute are these rocket dogs???!!! What a cute idea and simple enough that I can picture myself making these!! Bwahahaha!! This pin linked up to Disney Family Fun site...

Thank you so much Tanja for creating this fabulous blog for all of us who are addicted to pinning (-; I hope I added some newbies that you haven't seen yet on Pinterest...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Patriotic Party

Hello fellow pinners, this is Stacy from Simpson's Superstars.
I don't know about you but this week has been great.  I started out on Sunday night with creating a patriotic board with two pins, and now I'm up to 44 pins and counting.  Thanks to everyone for the awesome ideas.  Here are the ones I'd like to share.  Let's start with Canada Day.
Such an adorable kids craft.  BTW the cuties shown are not models they are  Jennifer's three little ones.
Source: mom vs. the
Fun lunch idea
Source: Canadian Family Magazine
Source:Meet the  

I have been a little bit obsessed with ice-cream sandwiches since my end of the year ice-cream party (click here for my post) so as soon as I saw these babies I had to pin it.   Now on to the 4th of July. I LOVE to eat, eat, eat on the 4th (calories don't count on legal holiday's) so I present to you. . . My Day of Non-stop Eating.
Breakfast yumminess
Source: Betty
Time for a picnic: The Good. . .

Time for a picnic: The Bad!
Source: Barbara Bakes
Dessert #1 -  I LOVE poke cake.
Source:Tracey's Culinary Adventures 
Dessert #2 -  Brownies AND Oreos - Who can ask for anything more?
Source:Inside Bru Crew Life
Dessert #3 - Bring on the fireworks
Source: Jamie Cooks It Up
Well that is just a sample of the items that I found this week.  If you would like to check out my boards Click here.  Have a wonderful holiday. Remember. . . the calories don't count so enjoy!

Bless the U. S. Eh (and a Freebie)

Ok that was my being clever meshing the 4th and Canada Day :)  I'm loving our Patriotic Pin Party week!

Haven't we had some fantastic pins? They've posted just about all the pins on my 4th board and I don't want to duplicate. The only thing I will duplicate is Subway Art.

I have a soft spot for Subway Art because that was 'my thing' when I first started blogging.

Here are some patriotic subway art:

Courtesy: Today's Fabulous Finds via Jodie on Pinterest

Courtesy: Eye Candy Event Details via Christie on Pinterest

Courtesy: Detail Oriented Diva via Sarah on Pinterest

Courtesy: Our Best Bites via Michelle on Pinterest.

Courtesy: kikicreates via Shelley on Pinterest.

Courtesy: It Works for Bobbi! via Bobbi on Pinterest.

There's more but I'll stop lol. I've got other 4th of July Pins here.

I was inspired and created my own. I made 4th of July subway art with different backgrounds and also a Canada Day subway art with different background choices.

I've posted these as freebies on my TN store. Click the picture to get them :)

Comes with this, plain, and 2 other backgrounds.

This is the plain, it also comes in two other background colors.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Pledge Allegience to the Flag...

Hi there everyone. I am Heidi from My (Not So) Elementary Life. I am stopping by to share some of my Patriotic pins with you, just in time for the 4th of July. Just click on the picture to take you to the source.

This is a simple and cute treat to take to any patriotic picnic. The kids will love them.

I LOVE this sign. There is a free download at the link. I plan to get it printed and put in a frame for on my mantle. 

I am loving the look of banners right now. I think this one is really cute.
Isn't this just adorable. You can do this with your students for different patriotic holiday's or your own children. This is a must do when I have my own babies :) (This one I do not have the actual link to, but you can get the idea from just looking at the picture.)

And lastly...another banner that I love. It is simple yet can add a touch of flair to any space. I actually like this one so much that I decided to create my own version of it to hang on my mantle.

I LOVE how it turned out and it was sooo easy. (My patriotic mantle decor is a work in progress. I will be adding more to it later. I plan to add the Pledge of Allegiance print from above and maybe some flags and flowers.)

I hope everyone has a safe holiday. For more patriotic pins, check out my Patriotic Ideas board on Pinterest by clicking on the picture below. 

This Land is My land, this land is your land...

This week is so much fun!

I had a few pins for Canada Day, but not many before I suggested we have our first theme week. I wasn't sure how many of the other bloggers were fellow Canucks (slang for Canadian, if you didn't know that already), but I knew at least a few of our followers had to be, right? :)

I've been very happy to see some of my favourite pins get posted by other bloggers this week, but at the same time, I knew I had to dig deeper to find original pins so we wouldn't all be posting the exact same pins.

Growing up, Canada day has meant a BBQ, the malls closed and fireworks if it's not foggy. What's very funny is that growing up here in Nova Scotia, the fog and rainy days have meant our fireworks have often been postponed several times waiting for a clear(er) night, meaning that on more than one occasion our Canada Day fireworks were actually set off on July 4th!

In most of Canada, school runs from September to June. Some places start mid August, but that's not the norm. Which means we don't really get to celebrate Canada Day in school, but it does get touched in our curriculum. Because of this I've been posting a series of worksheets with a Canadian theme on my blog, Reading with Miss D. I've posted three parts so far, with plans for many more. 1.2.3. If you're interested, check them out!

And now after that shameless self promotion, onto some patriotic pins and why I like them.

This year with a young child who is the worlds slowest nurser, I don't actually have time to make or create any cute decorations or treats, but next year I will, and I'll return to these pins.

1.  I love these cute beaver cupcakes, but they are probably too hard for me. But seriously, aren't they adorable?

2. With the current trend to parodying the iconic never-released in it's time "Keep Calm and Carry On", I'm loving this Canadian take on the poster. How cute to put up in a Social Studies classroom in high school, or at your annual Canada Day party.

3. "Now the people will know we were here". Kids at your party NEED to make a couple of Inukshuks out of Shreddies. What's not to love?

4. I bet you've seen so many pictures of fancy nails go by on your Pinterest feed, right? Next year I want to do this, but with a white base coat, I think the stickers would look less like stickers that way, don't you?

5. I love the idea of a string of maple leaves for a Holiday garland.
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

6. But I also like the pom pom garland, which I would make out of tissue paper. Decisions, decisions...
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

7. What better way to traipse from BBQ to fireworks and back again than a pair of patriotic ballet flats?

And I can't forget my American friends. I like the idea of putting pop rocks in icing to make "Fireworks" frosting for the holidays. I wonder how this would look in just red for Canada Day? (which FYI, is how before Pinterest I'd get ideas for Canada day baking)

For more Canada Day Pins, check out my board here.

Oh, and I posted a very geeky Canada Day poster I made on my blog, so check it out and download the google doc. Please leave me a note on my page letting me know what you think, thanks! (just click my header below)