Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Land is My land, this land is your land...

This week is so much fun!

I had a few pins for Canada Day, but not many before I suggested we have our first theme week. I wasn't sure how many of the other bloggers were fellow Canucks (slang for Canadian, if you didn't know that already), but I knew at least a few of our followers had to be, right? :)

I've been very happy to see some of my favourite pins get posted by other bloggers this week, but at the same time, I knew I had to dig deeper to find original pins so we wouldn't all be posting the exact same pins.

Growing up, Canada day has meant a BBQ, the malls closed and fireworks if it's not foggy. What's very funny is that growing up here in Nova Scotia, the fog and rainy days have meant our fireworks have often been postponed several times waiting for a clear(er) night, meaning that on more than one occasion our Canada Day fireworks were actually set off on July 4th!

In most of Canada, school runs from September to June. Some places start mid August, but that's not the norm. Which means we don't really get to celebrate Canada Day in school, but it does get touched in our curriculum. Because of this I've been posting a series of worksheets with a Canadian theme on my blog, Reading with Miss D. I've posted three parts so far, with plans for many more. 1.2.3. If you're interested, check them out!

And now after that shameless self promotion, onto some patriotic pins and why I like them.

This year with a young child who is the worlds slowest nurser, I don't actually have time to make or create any cute decorations or treats, but next year I will, and I'll return to these pins.

1.  I love these cute beaver cupcakes, but they are probably too hard for me. But seriously, aren't they adorable?

2. With the current trend to parodying the iconic never-released in it's time "Keep Calm and Carry On", I'm loving this Canadian take on the poster. How cute to put up in a Social Studies classroom in high school, or at your annual Canada Day party.

3. "Now the people will know we were here". Kids at your party NEED to make a couple of Inukshuks out of Shreddies. What's not to love?

4. I bet you've seen so many pictures of fancy nails go by on your Pinterest feed, right? Next year I want to do this, but with a white base coat, I think the stickers would look less like stickers that way, don't you?

5. I love the idea of a string of maple leaves for a Holiday garland.
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

6. But I also like the pom pom garland, which I would make out of tissue paper. Decisions, decisions...
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

7. What better way to traipse from BBQ to fireworks and back again than a pair of patriotic ballet flats?

And I can't forget my American friends. I like the idea of putting pop rocks in icing to make "Fireworks" frosting for the holidays. I wonder how this would look in just red for Canada Day? (which FYI, is how before Pinterest I'd get ideas for Canada day baking)

For more Canada Day Pins, check out my board here.

Oh, and I posted a very geeky Canada Day poster I made on my blog, so check it out and download the google doc. Please leave me a note on my page letting me know what you think, thanks! (just click my header below)

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