Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's Resurrect this blog!

I't has been over two years since any of the collaborative bloggers for Endless Pinabilities have shared anything here. What happened to all of us?

I'm making Zombies out of us and bringing us back to life.

I'm Mrs, D from Reading with Mrs, D
Reading with Mrs. D

For today I"m going to share my favourite pins from the last few months.
Next time I'll go with a theme. Hopefully the other bloggers will notice I've been blogging for us, and will start sharing their favourite pins too! Come on ladies!

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1. Creamy Caramels to make for Christmas gifts.
 Creamy Caramels Recipe

2. READ classroom library sign.
Dr. Seuss READ sign. Love it! found on Facebook

3.  The Giving Plate. 
Christmas gift this year?

4.  Baby Jesus Rocks!
Baby Jesus ROCKS

5.  Birch Bark Ornaments
Birch Bark Tree ornament

6. Brackets in Curtainless Window
Use brackets to decorate a window that doesn’t need to be covered up with curtains.

7. Multi canvass, one picture.
I think me artistic sister should make this for my house!! LOL paint. canvas. leaves.

8. Magazine Colour Wheels
spring flower shaped color wheel with template

9.  Number Geoboard
Counting Activity Using a Geoboard

Your Turn!!!