Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Essentials

Hi! It's Mrs. D from Reading with Mrs. D here, and I'm going to share a few pins I want to have prepped for my future classroom. (Hmm.. I really need to change my button to correspond with the rest of the blog...)


1. A book Hospital.
I used to designate a corner of my desk, but the books I hadn't gotten to yet always inevitably got covered by papers.
Source: via Mrs. D on Pinterest

2.  A Chart stand.
I LOVED the stand in my first class, but haven't had one since. I looked at the price in the scholastic catalogue and figured it would take too many years of voucher collecting and not using them for free books, which wasn't ideal. What better than a DIY version? I'll need two, one for my pocket chart, and one for chart paper.

3. A reading Nook.
Any kind will do. A tent like the picture, a castle or a cardboard box! Just someplace special as a choice for independent reading.

4. A way to let students know it's not time to come to my desk.
Does this have a name?
How often have you had students who wander over to your desk when you're in a conference with another student or teacher? This may help!

5. A birthday display.
I LOVE the idea of putting students faces with their birthdays!

6. A Love Notebook.
My wall by my desk is always ridiculously full of love from my kiddos, notes on top of notes, buried until June 30th.

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