Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm Gonna Party Like It's Back to School 2012!!!

Hello Sweet Endless Pinabilities Friends!,

It's Lisa from Learning Is Something To Treasure & I'm here to share some fun and functional pins that I have found for Back to School time.
Did I seriously just say Back to School?!? I swear it was just yesterday I was saying farewell to my classroom and swapping my teacher wardrobe for shorts and flip flops! How fast time flies! :)
Here's a little humor to start us off before I get into the fun and the functional!
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Too funny...I choose to convince myself of that!
Here are some fun back to school pins that I would like to share with you!:
Amanda's Parties TO GO: Back to School Free Printable! OBSESSED!!!!!
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How stinkin' cute is that?!?
Mrs Jump's class: Oceans and Pirates and Fun, OH, MY!
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Since I have a pirate theme, my firsties will be making some pirates for our classroom display!

I love this activity to start off the school year:
class promise
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I fell in love with this pin when I saw it. What a great way to discuss classroom expectations & let the students be a part of it!

I thought that the following pin would be fun for the 1st day of school:
First Day of School Photo Booth- make for 1st grade :) 
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So...I made this one for the First Day of 1st Grade!!

The lovely little girl modeling it is my daughter! :)

I also do a friendship unit for the first week of school. I L-O-V-E these ideas:

Great for beginning of year!!  
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A Recipe for Friendship classroom display photo from Shelley.
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Here's some functional pins for beginning the new school year:
Organizing word wall words
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This is for organizing sight words! I have organized mine like this for years & can vouch that it is a great way to organize your sight words. :)
Mrs Jump's class: Common Core Standards Organization - way to organize  and display
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For those of you who are doing Common Core this year, I love this way of organizing & displaying the common core standards that you are teaching from none other than the famous Deanna Jump!!

I put together this Teacher Keeper that I purchased from Jessica Pollard. It includes absolutely everything you need to stay organized!

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Here's a picture of mine that I put together:

I found this freebie that has everything you need to create your own substitute folder:
Substitute Binder Freebie
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And finally.... another great way to keep everything you need for the week at your fingertips:
weekly organization
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Well that's about all that I have for today!! I wish everyone a great beginning to the school year!! Since I started with some humor, let me end with some humor. You have to love these ecards!
AMEN lol
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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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