Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School I Go!

Hi y'all! It's Sara from Miss V's Busy Bees! I'm here to give you some pins for BACK TO SCHOOL! Although I'm not going into my own classroom... I have tons and tons of pins that I've got saved for when I DO get my own classroom! Below are some of my favorites and I hope that they can help you out, too. They're all easy peazy lemon squeezy to duplicate and there are a few books that will help ya get through the first few weeks if you're lookin' for something to read!

This little mobile wall is great for students! The words come off the wall so when your students say, "Teacher, teacher, how do I spell....?" you can point them to this wall where they find the word they are looking for!

Pinned via Wolfelicious

This is a positive reinforcement jar made from a little fishbowl! When students are good, their names go in the bowl. At the end of the month, draw a name and that student wins a prize. Who DOESN'T want their name in a fishbowl?!

Pinned via Art With Mr. E

An alternative solution to those tennis balls! Wrap felt around the feet of your chairs and you'll reduce the amount of scrapping. Such a cheap and creative way to stop the scrapes.

What a cute and creative way to have your things sorted at your desk. It's also really cute with the green and yellow, and doesn't take up too much room!

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What a great idea for recommending books to your peers! Students can pin (notice the similarity here.. WE are pinners, students are pinners) their own recommendations of books for their peers to see - good way to get students to read all different types of books.

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Good first few days activity. Your name decorated in the middle and lines drawn to things about you or things you love! This would be great for students to do and then hang it in the classroom for students to learn all about their peers.

What a great way to reuse the bottle tops from water bottles or pop bottles! Create math sentences or math facts for practice or hold races with your students to give them even more practice!

This next and last section, I'm going to put a few books that are great for the first few weeks of school! Make sure to check them out :)

This is a GREAT first week book. I used this phrase over and over with my 2nd graders during my Internship, and soon enough, they began using the phrase all the time. Perfect to stop the arguing about who gets blue and who gets red.

Great book to reinforce the skill of listening. Also a great read at the beginning of the year to help cut down on the chatter throughout the year.

First Day Jitters - we ALL get them, even us teachers! Good read to do with students to show that we all get them and that it's okay!

Hope you got some good ideas from this post! Good luck with this year & I hope your year starts off GREAT!

Have a good day, y'all!

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