Monday, August 6, 2012

Back To School Paaar-tay!!!

Hey everyone!! It's Stephanie from Falling Into First here, with some fun Back to School Pins to share with all of you.

I will start by sharing with you this First Day Tips and Tricks handbook that was put together by Ms. Christina Bainbridge. It was compiled using ideas sent in from teachers of all different grade levels.

Collaborative First Day Handbook Freebie!!

 Maybe you're lucky enough to have parent volunteers. Maybe you're just hoping you can seek out one or two. Either way, this cute and simple sheet from Mrs.Kincaid's First Grade  can be sent home week one of at Back to School Night to survey parent helpers for the year.  

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These super cute picture directions by Teri from A Cupcake For The Teacher are great for all those back to school projects your kids will be working on. You know those projects where everything will just go better if the kids color before they cut and glue. Well these are great for dictating the order in which students should be doing things. And seeing as many of my fisties will not be able to read just the words to these items the first part of 1st grade, the pictures make a perfect supplement!!  

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This is going to be my spelling test template this year because it's way cuter than the one I made and have used for the past 3 years and I really like the little score box. Thank you to Amanda, from One Extra Degree for creating!!
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Here is a pack that will help you easily set up a Star Student of the Week program in your classroom. It's by Susan from TGIF and it's hands down one of the cutest back to school freebies I have found!!
 This next one is the ultimate fix to the kids who want to go to the nurse for every little bruise, bump, and hiccup. You know what I'm talking about. The frequent fliers who you just need to keep in your room!! Are you ready for it? 

Make Your Own Shapeable Ice Pack | One Good Thing by Jillee   

Colorful Homemade Ice Packs. Mix one part rubbing alchohol and 3 parts water and add food coloring. The alcohol keeps the bags from freezing all the way through. Who wants to go down to the nurse when they can grab a COLORED one from your mini fridge!? Genius.
For those of you who are all about owls this year {much like myself} this is a FREEBIE that I posted on my blog that coordinates with my Owl 'n' Dots Classroom Theme that I designed this year. It's the cover to my students Homework/Take Home Binders.  Have your students bring in a plain white 3 inch binder with a 3 ring folder inside. Then label half the folder HOMEWORK and Half the folder TAKE HOME. Now you, your students, and their parents, all know where Homework goes and where papers that need to stay home can be found.

Falling Into First OWL Binder Freebie

Here's a simple solution to computers that only have one or two computers and a line of kiddos wanting to get on them

And a solution for how to keep all their waiters log ins stored in one ezz-peezy spot.

log-in cards- so smart!
I love this little printable. I think I'm going to frame it and hang in on my Writing Focus Wall.
And finally, I have to share with you what my friend Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory is offering to do for you. If you would like to be matched with another class to do pen pals this year, then she's your gal!! Just visit her Perfect Pen Pal Pair Up event and sign up with your class info by August 12th. All you have to do is commit and get excited!
Teacher Idea Factory: PEN PAL PAIR UP EVENT. Sign up by August 10th and Kelley will find you a class to partner up and be pen pals with for the year!

As usual I could really go on forever but I think I will stop here because I know there is going to be a whole weeks worth of great back to school pins coming your way all week long!! Be sure to keep checking back every day for more back to school pins by your favorite bloggers. Ok peeps, I'm off to continue working on my own Back To School To Do List. If you want to follow me through all of my back to school madness, be sure to stop by and visit a lot over the next two weeks.

Falling into First
Wishing you all a fantabulous 2012-2013 School Year!! :)

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