Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh NO! I Need to Plan!

Hey it's Amber from

Can you believe that it's already time to go back to school?  

I'm not going to lie. I've been awfully focused on creating a super cute and fun classroom! 
But, what about those first few days of school? 
Here are some pins I've found that can give us some help and inspiration! Click on each picture to go to the original pin. 
First day of school.
Great way to start a discussion, open up and share!
Building a Classroom Community by creating an "Our Family" Board. Students bring in family pictures
Love this! Students bring in pictures of their family and share with the class.  Then they are added to the bulletin board. 
Recipe for success- first day of school activity. So actually made me tear up when reading the recipe for success! Doing this for sure!
A Recipe for Success!

first day of school! I really love this!
A way to keep them busy while you have a gazillion forms to fill out. A Great getting to know you activity!

class constitution
Love this contract. 

Whooo Am I? Great for open house or the first weeks of school
So cute!

wreath for classroom door
I know this was probably for younger grades, but I bet my third graders would still like it!

Ginger Snaps: Glow Stick Gifts
Ok, I know this isn't an acitivity. But, it's SOOO cute!

Have you found some great pins to help out your plans?  

Good luck this year! I hope it's Pintastic!

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  1. I saw this on pinterest but here is the direct link to Scholastics Behavior Procedures



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