Saturday, June 30, 2012

Food for the Fourth and a freebie!

Hey yall! Natalie here :)

Do you guys have BIG plans for the 4th of July? I sure hope so!

My whole family will be in Gatlinburg, TN for their annual parade, and then we will probably watch fireworks from the hot tub at our cabin :) Last time we were there over the 4th, our cabin was so high up that we were actually looking down at the fireworks!

Speaking of, if any of you are close to Gatlinburg and want to meet up, we are having a bloggy meet up on the 5th!

Soooo....since most of us our knee-deep in summer, and school is the furthest thing from our mind (ha!), I decided to dedicate my 4th of July pins to my most favorite! :)

These were the first thing that caught my eye..aren't they awesome?!?!

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Courtesy of Daisy Pink Cupcakes via Pinterest

They look pretty easy, too! We will definitely be making some of these for our fun 4th festivities!

Want a cute snack to make for the little ones before the big shebang? How about this?

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Courtesy of Lisa Storms via Pinterest

Talk about easy, peasy lemon-squeezy!

This one is from my absolute favorite recipe blog....Skinnytaste! If you've never head of it, you have got to check it out. Gina has some amazing stuff on there!

Courtesy of Skinnytase
Oooooh....and what about these cookies???

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Totally simple! And talk about yum!

Last, I wanted to share a little something with you guys. Stay with me now...

These are some strawberry shortcake jars I made for my parents at the end of the school year.

They had a cute little tag that said "We would have come up SHORT without you!"

Now, I thought this would also be perfect for the 4th! I mean, who doesn't love strawberry shortcake in the summertime???

So I whipped up some tags that you could use with these :)
Click on the picture to download!

One goes on top and one can be tied to the front :)

Hope everyone has a safe and blessed 4th!!!


Thanks for your 'pinteresting' comments :)