Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello...I'm so excited to be here!

Hi all, I'm so excited to be a apart of this new blog dedicated to pins! I love pinterest and have been so inspired to create things for my home and classroom, can't wait to share some of those creations with all of you. Here are a few things I have planned for the next few weeks....
Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I really want to make this for my front door, I thought about making one for my classroom as well, but then I saw this.....

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I want that one too!!!

 I want to do this with my daughters dresser......

and this with my file cabinets.....

I want these for my classroom....

and this, as soon as I know who I'm teaching next year...

Those are just a few of my favorite pins at the moment, can't wait to get craft and make some of them myself. I'll be back soon to let you know when I do! In the mean time you can visit me here...



  1. Love, love, love all of your pins. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Love them all! I actually just made the READ letters yesterday :)


  3. Yep these are ADORABLE! Super into that letter M you posted. Excited to see more of your posts!

    Reaching for the TOP!


Thanks for your 'pinteresting' comments :)