Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Pinabilities are Endless!

Ahhhh, Pinterest.  I love you so.  Where were you when my kids were little with all your entertain your toddler for hours ideas?  Or when my husband and I barely had two pennies to rub together and  I didn't know you could make your own Febreeze for a quarter?

But you're here now, and that's all that counts. I'm Megan from I Teach? What's Your Super Power?, and I love Pinterest.  I think that's pretty clear.  It was so hard for me to pick just a few pins to share!!  So I didn't.  I picked ten.

Just saw this one last week:

Perfect with this!

You can read here about how I was completely inspired by this pin to create a new writing response station.
Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I saw this pin and felt really dumb that I'd been teaching for 13 years and never thought of this:

Everybody has seen the teacher toolbox.  But what about a TEMPLATE so you can avoid having to measure every little piece of paper???:

I find many wise thoughts to share with my kiddos.  Read this post to find out my secret for printing any poster I want for $1.50.

I think this would just about cover anything in my class library.

I'll finish off with a few Pinteresting truths:

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Happy pinning,


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