Friday, June 15, 2012


I know most of you know me already, but I'll do a little intro post and share some of my favorite pins.

I'm Tanja aka Ms. T from Journey of a Substitute Teacher. I live in Oregon and we finally have sun! I love to read, listen to music, cook/bake, and of course, craft.

Some of my favorite pins (this is kind of hard, because I love them all!)...

Courtesy: Blue Velvet Chair via Tia via Pinterest

Paint chips are my current obsession for DIY. Easy and free!

Courtesy: American Crafts Studio  via Kara via Pinterest

Probably one of my first pins and one of my first Pinterest projects. Though my had a "T" :)

I love all the ideas from other teachers online. And I love art projects that I can do with kids too!

Courtesy: Skinny Taste via Kari via Pinterest

Another fave? Recipes! I've actually made that recipe it's delicious. And it's healthy, which is perfect with my new healthy lifestyle!

Courtesy: All Things Lovely  via Terry via Pinterest

I must admit, I really love my quotes! If I ever need a pick me up, that's my go to board!

Courtesy :  Olica via Pinterest
I figured this was a perfect quote for this blog!

Oh and you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Ok, so now you may know a little more about me :)  I can't wait for you to meet the other authors and  their pins!


  1. Looks great!! Can't wait to see what everyone will be posting:) I may think about joing in;)

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Just let me know if you want to...your invitation is open ended :)

  2. Hi, what a great idea! I found teacher blogs through pinterest and am just trying to start my own. I have a whole 4 followers, so it's slow going. Probably because I have no idea what I'm doing in the blogosphere.

    Totally Teriffic Teaching
    Hoping I coded that right for my link to appear.

    1. Yep coding is correct Joell!

      Make that 5 followers now :) If you ever need any advice, holler at me!

  3. This is a great idea. Love me some teacher blogs and I am trying to get into pinterest. Not sure I need one more thing to help me procrastinate! I am now a follower!

    1. Once you go to Pinterest, you are sucked in hahaha. Sooo many great ideas though. Thanks for following!

  4. I love pinterest! I have gotten so many good ideas for my classroom and home! It is one of my guilty pleasures!!

  5. I love the name! I don't know which obsession is worse, blogging or pinterest, but they both keep me up all night!

    I am excited to be your newest follower!

    1. Lol they both take a lot of my time too! Thanks for following :)

  6. What a fantastic idea! You rock!

    Fun in Room 4B


Thanks for your 'pinteresting' comments :)